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Trusted Concrete Repair Throughout Edmonton

You don’t have to live near an aqueduct to be concerned about water seepage; nor are you being paranoid if the cracks around your windows and door frames have you worried. Action Alberta Foundation has been resolving issues relating to deteriorating foundations for well over 10 years. We know concrete repair. Take Action now!

Protecting Alberta Homes Against Basement Flooding

If you own a house in Edmonton, you likely have a sump pump. A basement filled with water is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. Weeping tile systems and sump pumps prevent underground and overflow water from damaging your property. Unfortunately, weeping tile can get clogged or break, and sump pumps often fail. If you currently have water in your basement, you live in an older building, or your sump pump is getting on in years, don’t hesitate to call for a professional opinion. Your home is too valuable an investment to put at risk.

Avoid the Threat of a Flooded Basement

Action Alberta Foundation can repair damaged weeping tile, ensure your sump pump is working properly, and even set you up with an emergency backup system.

With convenient scheduling, prompt service and reasonable rates, the professionals at Action Alberta Foundation will keep you dry and confident knowing your basement is adequately protected. Regular maintenance of your sump pump will ensure you’re not panicking during that next rain storm.

Don't cry over damaged weeping tiles; Call us today for a quick fix.

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Protecting Alberta Homes Against Basement Flooding

Cement Driveways and Sidewalks Throughout Edmonton

Action Alberta Foundation has experienced concrete contractors to assist with the pouring, compacting, troweling and finishing of your driveways or sidewalks. When it comes to concrete placement, every second counts and you can’t afford to make mistakes.

When It Comes to Concrete, Trust Our Experienced Professionals

It takes an experienced crew to position a new walkway along a steep gradient. Action Alberta Foundation makes sure the site is properly investigated and prepped before we ever start to pour the cement. If your walkway requires a subbase layer for additional uniform support, we’ll make it happen. It is important for the contractor doing the work to ensure the right mix is being used. Our team manages all the logistics involved in pouring on your property. We’re clean, efficient and proud of our solid reputation.

The condition of your driveway, sidewalks and walkways makes a strong statement about the value of your home. Only with the correct tools and personnel in place can you achieve the look and durability you desire. Call the experts at Action Alberta Foundation for your free quote.

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